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The Advertising Agencies Association of Chhattisgarh (AAAC) is the official, State-level organisation of advertising agencies, formed to promote their interests so that they continue to make an essential and ever-increasing contribution to the nation, by working towards the following objectives: 

To benefit Chhattisgarh state consumers and to protect their interests by helping ensure that advertising is honest and in good taste. 

To benefit Indian advertisers by promoting their sales, increasing their sales and increasing productivity & profitability, to stimulate business and industrial activity. 

To benefit media by establishing sound business practices between advertisers and advertising agencies and each of the various media owners. 

To benefit the state and nation by harnessing advertising for the good of the country, its institutions, its citizens to co-operate with the Government in promoting its social objectives and in the task of nation-building. 

To question advertising that is wasteful and extravagant to make it possible for the small entrepreneur to grow through advertising and to compete with the biggest to encourage market and media research to serve society by meeting its social responsibilities. 

To encourage the interest of young individuals in the business of communication, to assist in education and training programmes and to provide information of benefit to members. Non-members are also provided this service for a fee. 

To establish a common platform in building and sustaining the prestige of the advertising profession and to serve as a spokesman against unwarranted attacks or restrictions on advertising. 

To establish a forum where representatives of advertisers, advertising agencies, media owners and Government can meet on mutual ground and examine problems of mutual concern. 

To offer effective co-operation and liaison with Government officials and bodies for the purpose of broadening their understanding of the role of advertisers, advertising and advertising agencies. 

To co-operate with Government bodies in discussion of matters such as taxes, radio and TV advertising, legislation, political campaign advertising, controls on pharmaceuticals, tobacco or liquor advertising and other subjects of similar complexity and sensitivity. 

The AAAC today is truly representative, with a very large number of small, medium and large-sized agencies as its members, who together account for almost 80% of the advertising business placed in the country. It is thus recognised at all forums - advertisers, media owners and associations, and even Government - as the spokesperson for the advertising industry.

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