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In News

Advertising Agency Association founded in 1998-99

Advertising Agency Association of Chhattisgarh was established in 1998-99 with Mr. Ram Ratan Tawri as Chairman and Mr. Deepak Jain as Secretary.

Rajesh Jain elected as Chairman of Advertising Agency Association of Chhattisgarh , Date:- 03-July-2008

A general meating of all the members was held in Ashoka Heritage where Rajesh Jain of Rajesh Publicity had been elected as the Chairman of AAAC. Whereas Mr. Ajay Jain was elected Secretary and Mr. Omkar Singh was elected as Treasurer of AAAC.

AAAC best wishes for Tarun Chhattisgarh on its 25 years silver jubilee achivement , Date:- 04-April-2010

On the completion of 25 years of Tarun Chhattisgarh, Chief Editor Kaushal Kishore Mishra is being wished by AAAC Members under the leadership of Mr. Khubchand Jain , Patron, AAAC.

Vidhan Sabha Analysis and Minister Meet , Date:- 03-August-2010

Under the leadership of Chairman Mr.Ajay Jain, Chief Secretary Mr. Omkar Singh and Deputy Secretary Mr. Aphsar Khan, AAAC members on 3rd August , analysed the Vidhan Sabha and have sponsored meetings with different ministers.

AAAC's Happy wishes to "Jan-Satta" on its nine years successful completion , Date:- 04-September-2010

On the occasion of nine years successful completionof "Jan-Satta", AAAC members under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Ajay Jain, Chief Secretary Omkar Singh and Deputy Secretary Aphsar Khan, providing their best wishes to Mr. Anil Vibhakar, Chief Editor, Jan-Satta.

AAAC's Best wishes to Navbharat on its foundation day , Date:- 03-October-2010

Under the leadership of Chairman Mr.Ajay Jain, Omkar Singh and Aphsar Khan, AAAC member, expressed their best wishes and congratulations to Mr.R. Ajit, C.E.O., Navbharat Group.

Haribhoomi Foundation day Best Wishes, Date:- 17-October-2010

On the occasion of Ninth Anniversary of Foundation day of Hari-Bhoomi, AAAC members under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Ajay Jain and Mr. Omkar Singh , Chief Secretary and Mr. Aphsar Khan, Deputy Secretary, expressed their best wishes to Mr. Himanshu Diwedi, Chief-Editor, Hari-Bhoomi

AAAC's expressed their heartiest congratulations to Highway Channel on its Thirteenth Anniversary , Date:- 09-March-2011

On the occasion of thirteenth anniversary of Highway Channel, AAAC members under the leadership of Mr.Ajay Jain, President, AAAC, Mr. Omkar Singh, Chief Secretary and Mr. Afsar Khan, Deputy Secretary, meet with Mr. S.K. Mahanti, General Manager, Highway Channel, and expressed their best wishes and heartiest congratulations.

Notice issued for Urgent Release of Mr. Alex Paul Menon , Date:- 03-May-2011

Under the leadership of Mr.Ajay Jain , President, AAAC, Mr.Omkar Singh, Cheif Secretary, and Mr.Afsar Khan, Deputy Secretary, issued a notice to Collector for urgent release of Mr.Alex Paul Menon

CAAC supports Anna's crusade , Date:- 20-August-2011

The CAAC members extended their whole-hearted support to Anna's crusade against corruption in the leadership of Mr. Ajay Jain , President, CAAC, Mr.Omkar Singh, Cheif Secretary Omkar Singh and Afsar Khan, Deputy secretary.

Advertising Agency expressed their warm wishes to Press Club Executives , Date:- 03-November-2011

President of AAAC, Mr. Ajay Jain, with Cheif Secretary Mr. Omkar Singh and Assistant Secretary Afsar Khan, Expressed their warm wishes to newly appointed Press Club Executives

AAAC Executives and Members enjoying programme in an occasion , Date:- 21-November-2011

Advertising Association Welcomes Municipal Commissioner, Date:- 10-December-2011

AAAC Welcomed the new municipal commissioner Mr.Tarun Prasad Sinha under the leadership of Mr.Ajay Jain, President, AAAC, Mr.Omkar Singh, Cheif Secretary and Mr. Afsar Khan, Joint Secretary.

AAAC Executives meet with Minister Mr. Amar Agrawal , Date:- 05-March-2012

On the occasion of one extra responsibility of ministry of Urban Law and Order being given to Mr. Amar Agrawal, AAAC executives expressed their best wishes to the same.

AAAC Executives protested for urgent release of Sukuma Collector Alex Paul Menon, Date:- 03-May-2012

Motivational Programme by Patrika to award best marketing performances , Date:- 16-April-2012

With the presence of AAAC Executives , Patrika Group celebrated its best performance award ceremony to motivate its marketing team members.

Omkar Singh is selected as President, whereas Afsar Khan, as General Secretary, of AAAC , Date:- 07-June-2012

Under a general election conducted in the members of AAAC, Mr. Omkar Singh of Meetnisha Advertisers, is elected as President whereas, Mr. Afsar Khan as General Secretary to AAAC.

At Mega Trade Fair,Enjoying their favourite Shopping yet get awared with latest Products in Market , Date:- 27-September-2012

AAAC Executives under the leadership of Mr. Omkar Singh, President , AAAC and Mr. Afsar Khan , General Secretary, inaugurated the Sixth day of Mega Trade Fair.

AAAC Members with family, celebrated New year Picnic , Date:- 08-January-2013

AAAC members enjoyed picnic at Mana-Tuta with their family members and enjoyed the DJ also. Mrs.Deepak Jain is awarded as the Picnic Day personality.

AAAC became winner at Friendly Match organised by Patrika Group , Date:- 22-January-2013

In the secondly friendly match of Corporate Cricket Cup, AAAC beat Patrika by Six wicket and registered its win.

Children smiled after getting their gifts , Date:- 26-December-2012

Under the "Smile" campaign put forward by AAAC and Nai Duniya, children were provided with useful gifts , on the occasion of Christmas. Children loudly smiled after getting thief gifts and enjoyed alot.

Advertising Agencies warned for not advertising in upcoming Loksabha Election , Date: -

In the coming loksabha election , Advertising agencies of Chhattisgarh warned to not participate in any advertising job.

Interested in making career in Advertising Sector, then must this , Date:- -

Although the glamorous world of advertising sector attracts many people, but in reality , its very hard to get a space in this competetive environment of Advertising.

Haribhoomi opened the treasures of gifts , Date: -

On the ocassion of Haribhoomi festival offer 2013, Haribhoomi opened its gift treasure for many of its readers. First gift of a car was announced to Mr. Punit Bora of Raipur.

Innovative ideas to advertise are at peak these days , Date:- -

Every product needs maximum visuality and for this agencies are implementing differet ad concepts. Some are using spaces at escalaters stair steps.

Chhattisgarh Ad agencies team has defeated Patrika Team , Date: -

Before the tournament final match, a friendly match between Chhattisgarh Advertising team and Patrika team has been played in which Chhattisgarh Ad team won the match.

AAAC members posing for a group photo at Diwali Milan Samaroh , Date:- -

President Omkar Singh and Secretary Afsar Khan expressed their best wishes and bright future to all the committee members.

Recovery Agents of Advertising Agencies , Date:26-March-2013 -

Raipur Press Club has disclosed names of some of the some of the recovery agents of advertising agenties with corresponding suitable tag lines.

Dainik Bhaskar Launched its year book , Date: 18-May-2013

Dainik Bhaskar with AAAC members launched its year book this evening.

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